Tuesday, November 22, 2005

100th Post!!!

Well, for my 100th post, I thought I'd take a quick look back and see just what I've been talking about these last few months. This should be...interesting....to say the least.

I started with a post about a blow-up with my family. Then from there, I got into politics really quickly. Then, a quick dip into introspection, followed by some apologies that will never be read by the people who should read them. Then I talked about my wife a little. And that's cool, because she's amazing.

Anywho, then I got back into introspection, commenting on how well, or how poorly, we know our best friends. Then I ranted about religious nuts. That theme gets repeated a lot. When Katrina struck, I was almost speechless, and very pissed. That's just how I deal with stress, I guess. I get pissed.

I've talked a lot about politics, and a lot about science, and a little about skepticism. I've posted a bunch of memes (1920s name still rocks!) and I've talked a little about (other people's) suicide.

I've talked about my father, and his mother. I've posted quite a few random thoughts (flibbertygibbet, heh) and a lot of Things You Hear, mostly about a two year I love very much, even if he's not my kid.

I talked quite a bit about the Dover Panda Trial, and posted a few pictures from Halloween. I've talked about my emotional disorder and I've laid into a nationally famous cartoonist over some really stupid things he's said.

I've posted links to nifty little things I've found, and that others have sent to me. I've talked about coworkers who believe in demons and I've mentioned Bertrand Russell more often than is probably wise. I've changed my "Favorite Quote" a dozen times and played with my template in other ways. I'm now obsessed with Sitemeter.com, since I get a real kick out of watching my hitcounts and pageviews continue to rise.

I started this blog to say things I felt needed saying. It's a forum where I can craft what I say just so, and say exactly what I mean. I never dreamed that it would turn into this much fun, along the way.

I'm looking forward to my next 100 posts. I hope you are, too.


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