Monday, November 21, 2005

A Sparrow Falls

Just when you think that it's only the US that's doing weird stuff, here's a story from Amsterdam that restores your faith in the silliness of humanity all over the globe.

Now, it's not the fact that someone had set up 4.1 million dominoes. That's an attempt at a world record, and frankly, we as humans have a drive to break records. Dominoes is probably a silly record to break, but hey, it's like Everest. It's there.

No, the silliness comes from the fact that everyone got all worked up because the sparrow died!

More than 5,000 people signed a condolence register on an impromptu Web site set up to honor the bird...

Wha...huh? A condolence register for a house sparrow? It's not like it was the last Northern Spotted Owl in existence. I mean, yeah, it's on the Netherlands' endangered species list, but it's still the second most common breeding bird in the Netherlands. It's considered endangered there because it's population is decreasing due to better building practices. That just means that it's population is going back to pre-human-house-building norms! It's all over Europe.

Like I said, silliness abounds.


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