Thursday, November 17, 2005

Just When You Thought Goth Was Stupid

I know that most people not into Goth think Goth is terminally moronic/silly/Satanic. And while I'll admit that there is a certain portion of Goth that is kinda goofy, put I think it's starting to produce a few gems here and there.

Here's one of the best so far:

Voltaire has a great sense of humor, but he still manages to hit all the "traditional" Goth points along the way. He's also a real polymath, being a singer, songwriter, animator, comic book artist, and toy designer.

The best part about his site, to me, is the free mp3 downloads from several of his albums. The Star Trek riffs from Banned On Vulcan are particularly funny to me, considering my own Trek nerdiness, but it's all good, baby.


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