Monday, November 21, 2005

Young Women Do Strange Things To Old (And Not So Old) Men

What is it about an energetic young woman who is NOT sexually aggressive that brings out the shark in a man?

We have a new co-worker in the laboratory, and she’s a lively young woman, married with a one year+ old child. She’s friendly, physically fit, attractive in a Slavic kind of way and completely asexual in her attitude towards everyone at work. My lab partner of several months and employee for a couple of years now, Thug Girl, is a lively young woman, single with no children, friendly, physically fit, attractive in a Beyonce kind of way and very aware of her sexuality. Guess who gets all the attention?

That’s right, the new kid on the block. Now, I’ll admit that part of that is probably her very newness, but there’s more to it than that. I talked to Thug Girl about this and she says that the men here never reacted to her the way they are to the new hire. Now, I’m a born flirt. Always have been. I flirt with my wife, my female co-workers (when appropriate) and even my friends, married or otherwise. It’s part of how I approach and deal with my relationships with women. But, except where my wife is concerned, I always try to get across that I’m harmless, and mean nothing by it. If I flirt, it’s because I like and respect you, not because I’m a lascivious toad. (Heck, I can barely keep up with my wife. I don’t need to go looking elsewhere for anything.) But some of the guys at work, especially the older ones, seem like moths drawn to a flame with this woman. And I would just put it down to pre-, post- or active mid-life crisis, except that it’s not JUST the older men who are responding this way.

I have seen young men, some of them newly married men who should still be feeling the blush of post-nuptial euphoria, changing before my very eyes. A few days time spent with our new lab geek puts a sloppy smile on faces and has people pulling pranks when they never pranked before. The shenanigans going on here are starting to get down-right silly. It’s like they crave her attention in a way they don’t crave the attention of their own loved ones. I could understand wanting a taste of something new, even if it subconsciously, but these guys still HAVE something new.

It’s like throwing away a half-finished candy bar to eat a piece of chocolate cake. And the worst part is that it’s a cake that’s not even being offered to you!

I don’t understand it. Maybe I’m just wired differently. Is it the very fact that she DOESN’T act in a sexually aggressive manner that draws these men, young and old? That seems kind of strange to me. Is it the “Daddy Factor”? Does she seem virginal to them? That’s ridiculous, if you talk to her. She’s a mother!

Personally, if I were looking for something different, I’d be going after the one flaunting it, not the one keeping it private. I hope these goobers either get over it, grow out of it or get slapped down because of it soon.


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