Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bush's Approval Ratings

I keep saying it and saying it. The only problem with people who voted for Bush getting what they deserve is that I have to get it, too.

Check out this map of Bush's approval ratings by state. If he were to run for election today, he'd only carry four states, Idaho, Utah, Nebraska and Wyoming. So, potato-farmers, Mormons, corn-huskers and whatever hell Wyoming's famous for are the only types who still like him. And those states' approval ratings are only in the 50s. I know his isn't the worst approval rating of a second-term president. I know there's a so-called Second Term Jinx. But jebus! Can't the White House take the hint?

We don't like you. We don't like what you're doing. Stop it.

(hat-tip to Nanovirus)


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