Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Teach Science Early

There's a post over at Abnormal Interests discussing the way creationists justify their beliefs. Essentially, it says that creationists start with a premise, i.e. that literal biblical creation is true. Then they work backwards from there to find and justify their beliefs. It goes on to say that they do this, not because evolution doesn't make sense, but because they've already been taught that Sky-daddy created the universe in six days.

This just goes to show you that we need to start teaching critical thinking skills as early as possible. I don't think the beginnings of critical thinking are beyond the average late-elementary school kids, say eight to ten years old.

Of course, those fundies I used to hang around with never really supported me when I tried to get their ten-year-old to think critically. Now, I see why. I wonder if it was intentional on their part?


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