Wednesday, November 30, 2005

High School Newspaper Chicanery

High School newspaper censorship is an issue near and dear to my heart, since I was the student editor of my high school's newspaper. And this Tennessee idiot principal at Oak Ridge High School is driving me nuts!

Modern birth control is half a century old. Birth control techniques have existed for, literally, millenia. Why can't this be talked about in a school newspaper, if the facts are correct? Who is this principal really trying to protect? The fourteen year old boys and girls who are going to have sex, come hell or high water? Or her own hide, when those fourteen year olds do it and DON'T get pregnant, but do get caught by their otherwise inattentive parents?

School systems, principals and teachers should not be responsible for parenting the children in their care. They should not have to instill civilized manners. They should enforce the behaviors that the parents, at home, require from their children. Knowledge about birth control should not be taboo.

Margaret Sanger is spinning in her grave.


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