Sunday, March 26, 2006

Satanic Cult Abuse And Fundamentalism

I’ve been reading DHW by Carl Sagan, and he spends a huge amount of time on alien abduction stories and their similarities to Virgin Mary sitings in medieval Europe as well as the purported Satanic Cult and sexual abuse scares of the 80s and early 90s. He also touches on Fundamentalism (usually, but not limited to the Christian kind) and its role in perpetuating the Marian visions.

That got me to thinking. I wonder if the current spate of Fundamentalism is in any way connected with the Satanic Cult abuse and “repressed memory” sexual abuse witch hunts of that time frame. I think there’s a good possibility that there’s a connection. Think about it. A fifteen year old girl in 1980 would be forty-one years old now. A fifteen year old boy in 1990 would be thirty-one. That puts them smack in the middle of the fundies’ biggest demographic. And considering how under-educated the American populace is on all things psychological, or anything scientific for that matter, I have to wonder.

I’m not saying that that’s the only cause. After all Christian fundamentalism traces its roots farther back than 1980. But I wonder how much effect those scary “Satanic Cult Members Force Teen To Ritually Kill And Eat Own Baby” headlines are affecting the people currently driving the religiosity of this country.

For information on False Memory Syndrome, the driving force behind those Satanic Cult and other so-called “repressed memory” sexual abuse cases, check out the False Memory Syndrome Foundation.


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