Wednesday, March 22, 2006 Craziness

I'm signed up with, although I'm not a paying member. That's why I'm kinda frustrated. In the last couple of months, two old girlfriends have tried to get in touch with me through Classmates, and I'm torn.

Looked at from one perspective, I don't really need to be getting in touch with my Exes. That's the past, and my beautiful wife is the present and the future. It doesn't help any that one of these women is related to another ex-girlfriend of mine (yes, I tended to "keep it in the family" was southern WV, there are only like ten families in the whole county) that my wife absolutely despises.

Looked at from another perspective, I remained friends with most of 'em long after I broke it off with 'em, so maybe they're justified in trying to look me up. I dunno. I admit to a certain morbid fascination, considering most of my youthful girlfriends turned out to be serious psychos.

This is just more of my dithering, I guess. It doesn't help any that I don't like the idea of paying Sure they're cheap, but it rankles for some reason.

So, anyone got a suggestion?


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