Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Patriot Act Shenanigans

Bush is at it again. He never ceases to amaze me with the banality of his evil. What to me is an infuriating invasion of privacy is just another day at the office to him. Take the upcoming fight over the Patriot Act.

White House hacks are denouncing its detractors as playing partisan politics when they vote it down. The White House is developing a "campaign-style" effort at pushing it through Congress. They claim that those who are apprehensive about it's intrusive nature are holding it back to appease the ACLU?!?

Could it possibly be that the Senators and House Representatives who are against making the Patriot Act permanent have legitimate reasons for doing so? Could it possibly be that there are serious and deepseated flaws built into the Patriot Act that give the Executive far too broad a power and that these same Senators and Representatives are nervous about what someone with the moral rectitude of a dead possum could do, would do, and already has done with those powers?

No. Not according to the White House. Anyone who opposes the Patriot Act is doing it out of petty political skulduggery. No one who truly loves America could possibly disagree with the White House.


It's just more of the same rhetoric that's driven the Bush White House for five years. In the "Cowboy Way" White House, you're either for us or agin' us, I guess.


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