Tuesday, January 24, 2006

More Proof Of Bush's Criminal Stupidity

See this Washington Post article for the whole story. It details the 41 page detailed report of what Hurricane Katrina would do to New Orleans that the White House got days before Katrina hit. Remember, the Shrub said just days after the disaster started that "no one expected the levees to breach."

You know, forget the fact that he's a lying son of a bitch. The old saw says that ever politician is a liar. Forget the fact that he's a warmonger. At least the war in Iraq is doing some good for someone. Forget the fact that he's doing his best to strip the civil rights of the people of his own country away. There's an argument that at least some of that is necessary to ensure security, and the liberty/security spectrum has always been a balancing act.

No, forget all his other transgressions and indiscretions. Just look at George W. Bush's sheer criminal stupidity, and you see why the Republicans don't deserve power. They have it all, the presidency, the courts and Congress, and this asshole is the best they can come up with for President? That's pathetic at best and treason at worst.


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