Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Strange Dream

I’m usually not one to put to much stock in my dreams. They’re mostly just random bits of my life interspersed with whatever books I happen to be reading at the time. Usually, my dreams consist of chasing werewolves through spaceships with elves, or some other combination.

But last night, ah, last night was different. I apparently had this dream just before waking, since the alarm clock jerked me out of it. Dreams at this time tend to be pretty vivid for me, so it had that little extra kick to it. So, here’s the dream, as best as I remember it:

I was driving back to my high school, and along both sides of the road were burned out buildings and other signs of destruction. I pondered aloud who the Cortellesi’s (a local family) had pissed off to warrant this. I distinctly remember being amazed at the amount of damage that had been done. At least some of it was recent, since I could see wisps of smoke against a white, cloud-filled sky.

As we came down the final stretch leading to my high school, the road pretty much petered out, and started to be covered in grass and other weeds, poking up through a few inches of snow. I parked the car in a wide spot (which actually exists near my high school) and Aradia and I started to walk. As we passed through the grassy area, I stubbed my toe on something. Looking down, I realized it was a gravestone with the first name and last initial of someone I had gone to school with. I can’t remember the name now, unfortunately. I looked around me and realized that we were in a graveyard, and I rushed over to some of the other graves to check names. They were mostly of people I knew.

Aradia was waiting for me by the first one I had come across, and I slowly made my way back to her. The snow was getting slippery now, and a light dusting was beginning to fall from the sky, to boot. We leaned on each other and helped each other to continue on to my school. When I got there, many people were sitting on a set of bleachers at one end of the football field. Everyone was dressed very warmly, mostly in reds and blacks (which is odd, since my high school colors were green and white). As I took my place amongst these people, Peter Dinklage began to tell a story of some strippers he had acquired for me for some event or other, most likely a Halloween party. He said something along the lines of it was a “Trick or View” night. Everyone laughed, for some reason. Then my first college girlfriend got up in my face and asked me if there was something I wanted to tell her. She seemed quite upset about the strippers. I told her to sit down and shut up, with a few choice words thrown in, because if anyone should be upset, it should be Aradia and I jerked my thumb over my shoulder, pointing at her as she talked to some people higher up the bleachers (I don’t know who). Then I said, “If anyone should be upset, it should be her. So shut up, bitch.” She got a shocked look on her face and …

…the alarm clock woke me up. Like I said, bizarre. I think I’ve been working too much. Maybe multiple sixty-hour work weeks in a row wasn’t such a good idea. I need a nap.


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