Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Scott Adams Digs A Little Deeper

Adams just won't quit. And what's worse is that his arguments are getting more and more out there, making less and less sense. Will he be frothing at the mouth next?

He has put up yet another ID article, and his big question breaks down thusly: If lightning strikes the Washington Monument and puts messages from God there while many people videotape the event, should science teachers be allowed to talk about it in science class?

Well, duh! Of course they would. I would like to see someone try to keep science teachers FROM talking about it! The problem is that he's equating this phenomenon with what IDers are doing, and it's a false analogy, because IDers have no evidence. There is no IDer equivalent of the videotape.

Scott Adams begins his post by mentioning "the Dogbert way". Maybe he should admit that, at least on this, he's following more of "the Ratbert way".


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