Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Last Halloween Pictures of 2005

Here's the pregnant fairy and her teenage sister in a candid shot. I can't believe I actually wrote that about a picture where no one was naked. I must be getting old.

Arr, matey! Here be the two year old pirate lad and his lusty wench of an auntie. I can't see's how I'd blame the lad. I'd pirate her booty any day. Must not be as old as I thought, eh?

This is a nifty effect that turned out really well. It actually looks better in real life than this picutre shows. What you do is take a couple of glow sticks (any color will do), snap 'em on one end, shake 'em up, then carefully cut them open on the end you snapped 'em on. Decant the contents into a vial or other air-tight container very carefully. There will be glass in the tube, so try not to decant that out with the glowing liquid. Shown here are 15 mL vials for the blue and green and an old-style eye-dropper rig for the orangey-red. Note how you can actually differentiate the eye-dropper in the bottle.

I tried this and if you keep excess air out, the stuff will still be (weakly) glowing over 24 hours later. Also, if you get it on you, your hands glow for about 20 minutes, until exposure to air kills the reaction. There's got to be a way to work this into an effect somewhere.


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