Friday, October 21, 2005

Follow The Money

Chris Mooney points out here something I am frankly ashamed to admit I hadn't thought of. Any time someone starts waving God around, or that great God-implying moniker Intelligent Design, you should always put one hand on your wallet and the other on your crotch, because they're gonna try to take one away from you and try to keep you from using the other one.

In all my reading about Behe and crew, it never dawned on me that they were making money off their shenanigans! It should have occured to me, but I'm dense, I guess. When Richard Dawkins writes a book, he's doing it to make money but he's also doing it to illuminate something. But since Behe's writing couldn't illuminate a paper bag, it's gotta be all about the money. And I'm also sad to say that I know a few people who would eat his crap up, too.

And here I thought he might actually be honest, and just deluded. I wish I could kick myself. This idiot and his menagerie of morons are doing their best to dumb down America. It makes me want to cry.


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"Loyalty to petrified opinion never broke a chain or freed a human soul..." -- Mark Twain


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