Tuesday, July 11, 2006

God's Omnipotence Problem

This is probably one of the most succinct summing'-up of the Yahweh omnipotence problem that I've ever seen:

The Bible clearly indicates that God has foreknowledge, but what that does
to all of this is render it completely incoherent (at least to me). That means
that God created the world and human beings and gave us the choice to sin or
not, knowing that we would choose to sin and that the world would become filled
with sinful people. And he knew, of course, that this would lead him to drown
the entire world to put an end to sin - but again, he knew that wouldn't
actually rid the world of sin. And he knew that eventually he would have to send
himself as a sacrifice to himself to satisfy his own sense of divine anger over
the behavior he knew we would exhibit before he created us.

If you're interested, the original post can be found here, and the comment that spawned the above response by Ed Brayton can be found here. It's all compelling stuff.


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